Strategies to earn Loyalty Points fast

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One of the reasons people play the myVEGAS games is to earn Loyalty Points (LP) which can be converted into real-life awards at MGM properties. Are there any tactics or strategies to maximize your LP earnings?

Watch your daily limit

The myVEGAS games have a maximum number of Loyalty Points that you can earn per day. After you've reached the daily limit, the LP meter will be locked. This will reset the next day, but this also means that any spins you make during the lock will not result in higher LP. The daily limit seems to be around 2.000 LP, but some players noticed that the limit is lifted after you made a purchase with real money. These message are unconfirmed at the moment. But keep an eye on your LP meter and stop burning chips when the limit has been reached.

Balloons no longer contain LP

In the past, the only way to earn Loyalty Points in POP! Slots was to keep an eye on the purple balloons and pop them. The contents was a random selection of XP, chips and LP. But since a few months, LP is only rewarded through spinning. The balloons only contain chips and XP or credits during special events.

Higher bets result in earning LP faster 

The speed at which your LP meter fills is linked to the amount you bet during a spin. The number of LP is the same when your meter is full, but you will reach it a lot faster.

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