Get your myVEGAS free chips mobile!

Since myVEGAS is a mobile slot machines game, free chips can only be collected on a mobile device, either on Android or iOS. We also collect free chips links to the Facebook version of myVEGAS.

Open our site on your mobile device and click on the chip links below. After tapping a link, a new window will pop up. Already visited links will turn green.

Please note: it's best to force-close the app between each redeem action.

How to collect myVEGAS free chips mobile?

Collecting your chips to play slots for free is very easy. Just click on the link on this page and the mobile game should open. It's best to force close the application after collecting each link, as the game sometimes has issues processing the chips when it's already running.

To force-quit a running app on an iPhone or iPad, double-press the Home button to open the list of recent applications. Scroll to locate the app you want to close. Touch the app’s thumbnail and slide it upward and off the screen. Next time, the application with start from scratch.

The easiest way to force-close apps on Android is from the recent app switcher, too. Tap the multitasking button to open the list of recently accessed apps. On some devices, you may need to long-press the Home button or perform a different action if there’s no recent apps button. And then just swipe the apps thumbnail to the left or right to quit it.

Chips, Loyalty Points and VIP level

Although myVEGAS slots is a free casino game, it has a number of in-game 'currencies' or levels that all have a specific function.

Chips are the in-game currency for playing the mobile slot machines. You can compare them to coins that you put in the real penny slot machines.

The Loyalty Points are shared through all myVEGAS games (both mobile and Facebook). They can be used to redeem real-life rewards in Las Vegas, like meals, show tickets or even comped rooms. The number of Loyalty Points you earn grow as you reach higher levels. There does not seem to be a maximum number of LP.

VIP level is something unique for myVEGAS. You increase your level by collecting gems (MVP's). They can be collected from you Daily Bonus, Time Bonus, by playing other Facebook games from Playstudios and finally by buying bundles in the store with real money.

Each VIP level has its own bonuses, ranging from higher bonus multipliers to access to the high roller room. You need to keep playing to keep your VIP level, because it will expire after a few days, depending on your level.

Collecting more in-game chips or coins

Free chips are a great way to get a boost of in-game coins. But as you need chips to play the game and spin the slots, you can never have enough of them. There a a couple of ways to boost your chips:

  • Redeem the Time Bonus every 2 hours. The number of chips depends on your player and VIP level. You will also collect a small amount of gems to boost your VIP level.
  • Redeem your Daily Bonus and keep collecting them on a daily basis to build up a streak. This bonus can be compared with spinning the daily bonus wheel in the Facebook version of the game.
  • The Daily Gift opens up daily and can also be found under the Account tab.
  • Gifts from friends are an easy way to get some extra chips. Be sure to send some gifts in return!
  • Stop playing for an extended time, as this will result in higher chip deals. After not playing the Facebook game for a couple of months, I received a deal of 6 billion chip for only $1.99. The amount of the bonus seems to be related to your time away.
  • Playing the Tournaments can be extremely profitable. Your goal is to rank between the top tournament players and earn big. But even if you don't make it, you will always gain some chips at the end of a tournament.
  • Leveling up will result in some extra chips, but the amount of chips that are needed to level up makes this rather unprofitable.
  • And finally: come back to our site for daily new links. It can't get any easier than that!