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We've collected the most frequently asked questions on this page.

When do the chip links expire?

The expire time is different for each link. Try to click the link as soon as possible, to prevent expiry. Most of the time a link is valid for a maximum of a few days.

Can I use a link multiple times?

No. Each link can only be used once per account.

The link does not work, any help?

Using a link sometimes feels as hit-and-miss. First try to force close your game after each link (read more about this on our links page). A link can show an expired message, although the link has just been posted. Sometimes links don't work at all.

Can you hack pop slots?

No! All the online 'tools' and links that require some sort of action before receiving a tool are scams. All chips, coins and XP are stored on the servers of Playstudios and cannot be hacked. Wins are calculated on their servers as well.

Are you affiliated with POP Slots, myVEGAS or Playstudios?

No. We collect links that are publicly available on the Internet. We are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by PlayStudios, the parent company of myVEGAS, or any of its partners.