Looking for free chip generators? Stop searching!

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The prospect of having unlimited chips in POP! Slots for free seems to good to be true. And it is. Hacks or other cheats that promise unlimited free chips are nothing more then a scam. But do you know why? 

All information regarding your account is stored on the servers of PlayStudios, the developer of POP! Slots. This allows the game to synchronise your coins to multiple devices. But it also removes any options to cheat or artificially boost your coins in any way.

Hacks and generators

But why do people provide links to these hacks and coin generators? There are a few options:

  • The apps or websites require you to view ads or download apps that they can make money off.
  • They try to hack your device, to steal sensitive information from you.
  • The apps you download are adding malware to your device, enabling the owners of the apps to use your device for spamming, hacking or other unlawful activities.

Cheat codes

For cheat codes, the same rules apply. Most of the time, a site wants to lure you into watching an add or click on an add before showing you a cheat codes or a walk-through on how to cheat. The moment you realize that the cheats don't work, you've already added some income to the creator of the post.

How do I get more chips?

The best way to prevent any of this problems from happing is to stop searching for hacks, cheats and generators. There are lots of free coin links available for POP! Slots. This site contains most of them, so keep visiting our site to boost your coins as much as possible. Make sure you click on the links on a daily basis, even when you wont be using the coins directly. This will increase your coin balance for the nexxt time you will be playing.


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