Punch Lines is back!

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POP! Slots currently has the PUNCH LINES special event active. It can be played through Casino Heist High Seas Mystery on POP Cruise, one of the later casino levels of the game. For this special event, the casino is open for all user levels!

The event has a minimum bet to be able to participate. For higher levels, this bet is 750K, but we expect this bet is linked to the level you are playing on.

To earn chips with this event, you'll have to:

  • Spin the Casino Heist High Seast Mystery Machine with the minimum requird bet active. Use our daily free chips links to continue playing when you are out of chips.
  • Punch pay-lines in the marked places with the right symbol. Your playing card displays a number of yelllow markers. When the character for the current world matches one of these markers on your playing card, that position will be 'punched' and replaced with a green checkbox.
  • Complete any board to win huge jackpots!

The game is divided into multiple worlds, each marked by a character of the Casino Height game. Each world has multiple boards to complete. Every time you complete all the boards in a world, you are promoted to the next world and you play for higher rewards. The later boards all have more punch markers to complete.

Tips and tricks

Your goal is to complete the cards. Your best best is to spin low until you have most of the markers punched. This is sometimes tricky, because in theory you can finish your card on each spin. But the changes of doings so are rather small. So start spinning with the minimum bed and when about 50 to 60% of the card is full, you can switch over to the higher bets. 

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