How to maximize your loyalty points?

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Playing one of the PlayStudio casino games isn't only a lot of fun: it's also a good way to get free rewards! But how do you maximize the number of LP that you can receive?

In most of the PlayStudios games, you can earn Loyalty Points (LP). These points can be used towards real-life awards at one of the participating companies. For example, you can get comped buffets and rooms in Las Vegas or discounts on RoyalCaribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line cruises.

Depending on the game you play, you will be awarded LP for specific tasks or just for being active in the game. There is a daily limit for each game, but by playing multiple games and reaching the daily cap per game, you can maximize your points. 

Currently, these games offer loyalty points. In general, all mobile games reward points based on the time you have been active. For non-mobile games, you are awarded based on your spins. Next to each game is the current LP limit and the way to earn points. During special promotions, the limit can be increased or additional offers may reward you with extra points.

Android / iOS
POP! Slots™ (time based, 4.000 per day)
Tetris® (time based and rewards, 4.000 per day)
MGM Slots Live - Vegas Casino (4.000 per day)
myVEGAS Slots (4.000 per day)
myKONAMI® Casino (4.000 per day)
myVEGAS Bingo (4.000 per day)

myVEGAS Slots (spinning, 20.000 per day, 400 LP login bonus)

This means that by playing all the games, you should be able to collect around 30.000 to 40.000 loyalty points per day.

Special events

Some special events also increase the daily LP limit. For example, in november and december 2023 there was a 5x multiplier event, which increased the daily limit to 5 times the normal limit. These events are either communicated by email or directly via the app, so it's always good to keep an eye out for these events!

Paying for loyalty points

Some games offer paid loyalty points, as part of a bundle. We've seen these bundles in the Facebook version of myVEGAS slots. The bundles range from 250 points (for $5) up to 20.000 points for the $199 bundle.

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