Hottest or Coolest seat? What is it?

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When joining a game in Pop Slots, you usually see a Hottest and Coolest seat, marked by a red or blue arrow. But what are they and should you use them? Or are they a trap and should you just pick a normal seat?

Just like in a real casino, some seats seem to have a higher return then others. And some people like the idea of more used seats ('hot seats') giving more returns. Other people are convinced that cold seats (with a long losing streak) are about to blow! But is that true?

There is no real evidence that hottest- and coolest-seats return more profit. Playstudios themselfs are vague on the topic. In their FAQ, they mention that: 'Just like Slot Play in real-life, our developers wanted to give our players the chance to choose their winning slots similar to how they would at a physical location'. Based on that quote, I suspect that the arrows are just random. In my past spins, returns always seem random and I haven't been able to link specific losing or winning streaks to the seat I pick.

Is there really no difference?

Based on other posts found online, there seems to be a small difference in certain games. These claims are hard to verify, but you might be able to trigger more bonus games on the following games when playing on a hot or cold machine:

  • Tall Wild by x2
  • Frontier Fortune by Habanero x2
  • Emerald 777 x2

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