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Visiting Pop The Slots daily is a good way to boost your chip count. But the game also sends out daily emails with chip links. Don't miss out on these links, as they are sometimes personal, and therefor not added to this site.

How can I receive these emails?

On creating your initial account through Facebook, Playstudios used your email on file to add to their mailing list. Possibly, your email address at Facebook is outdated or you accidentily clicked on the Unsubscribe button on one of the previous chip emails. Follow the next steps to resubscribe to the mailing list:

  1. Check if your Facebook email address is up to date.  Go to 'Settings' -> 'Contact' and check the email address on file. Make sure your email address is also marked as primary
  2. Contact Playstudios to re-add your email address. You can contact them through their supportdesk. Make sure you mention that you are no longer receiving promotional emails for Pop Slots (or any other myVEGAS game). Also make sure that you mention your new email address, or supply the support code that is visible in the Pop Slots mobile app.

After a few days, Playstudios will report back that your email address has been re-added and you should be receiving chip links shortly!

Still not receiving emails?

After you have been re-added to the mailing list, you should be receiving emails. But sometimes these emails are blocked by your spamfilter. Make sure that you whitelist mails coming from all of the following senders: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] 

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