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POP Slots contains a huge amount of slot machines, all with a slightly different theme and pay-out structure. All of them have some sort of bonus feature that triggers randomly. But what kind of bonusses are there?

Free spins

Most of the lower tier machines have a free spins bonus. It triggers randomly on one of the machines in the room and all players participate in it. The player that triggers the bonus can pick one of three options. The different options vary per machine, but it's a selection of normal free spins, sticky wilds (where landed wilds stay for the remainer of the bonus round), all-highs (you spin with only high symbols) and some version of a multiplier that is determinted after the actual spin.

Examples of games with this kind of bonus are: Emerald's 7 (at MGM), Forbidden 7's (at Mirage), Reel Amigos (at Excalibur). And many more.

Spots on the wall

This bonus type was a limited number of spots on 'the wall'. This can be either a real wall (like in Wall if Khan at Mirage) or some sort of wheel. After hitting a certain kind of combination, your bet is converted into points and you are placed on the wall with these points. Each player can have a many spots as they want, as long as there is still room on the wall. When the wall is full, the bonus round triggers. Depending on the game, the bonus round will have multiple rounds, where each round will increasing a multiplier of some sort.

Examples of this bonus type are Wall of Khan (Mirage), Enchanted Wall (Bellagio) and Quick Gold (Luxor).

Bonus credits

In this bonus type you earn bonus credits during your normal spins. The amount of credits is based on your bet. The credits are randomly multiplied by 1, 2 of 3.  At random intervals, the bonus game is triggered by one of the players. All players will then participate with their own bonus credits. The game normally have some kind of random game that will result in a multiplier. The bonus has a fixed number of rounds, but bonus rounds are awarded at random. At the end of the bonus, your bonus credits will be multiplied with the build up multiplier, resulting in actual chips. Some games also have a group multiplier. This multiplier is divided by the number of players at the start of the bonus round and added to your personal multiplier.

Games with this type of bonus include Fire vs Lightning (New York New York), Casino Heist (Bellagio) and Kong (New York New York).

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