Are your credits disappearing? This might be happening!

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Some of the bonus games in POP Slots feature some kind of bonus credits. You build up the credits during normal gameplay and when the bonus triggeres, you are playing with those credits, trying to get a multiplier as high as possible. But what if your credits suddenly disappear?

Fortunately, POP Slots is a rather smart game. Players are spread out over multiple rooms. That's why, when you and a friend join in the same Casino, you normally do not see eachother. One of the primary reasons of disappearing bonus credits, is a disconnect from the game, and a reconnect to a diffent room. At the start of a bonus game, all your credits are 'moved' into this running game, resulting in zero credits in the machine itself. These bonus games are all processed on the servers of Playstudios, and not on your local phone. So while the bonus games keeps on running on the server, you can continue playing the same machine. After the bonus game completes, your earned chips are placed on hold. As soon as you restart the game or return to the Casino selection screen, there will be a popup, telling you the amount of chips that you've won.

These kinds of problems normally shouldn't happen very often. If they do, you will need to check your Internet connection (either via wifi or mobile data). POP Slots sends out quite some data during playing. If too much information is lost, the game requires you to reconnect. 

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