All you need to know about free chips!

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One of the most asked question we get is: 'How to get free pop slots chips?'. Buying chips in-game is one option to get lots of chips fast. But it's also a pricy option! Ocassionally there are rather good deals, but normally you pay a lot of money for chips that you can also get for free!

Daily free chips

Playstudios distributes a lot of free chip links every day. We try to collect as much of them as possible, to provide you with a large list of options. We are currently collecting statistics for these links, to provide you with insight on when the best links are added. 

Chips come in three amounts

Free chips for POP Slots come in three amounts: 1 million, 2 million and 3 million. In the past, there have been occasional higher amounts, but on a daily basis these are the amounts you can expect.

Unlimited chips (or coins)

We noticed that a couple of people are searching for unlimited chips. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The chip count is stored server side, so even with cheats (which we hate), there is no way to influence your chip coin. Your best bet is to collect as much as the free chips that you can and hopefully win a chip fortune with it!

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